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bowl with fruit and roses

Ceramic Design Work

Objects made with every day life in mind 


Collapsing Grid

The First Postulate

Inaugural exhibition of Theorii Contemporary Art Space. This solo exhibition explores ideas about relationships, systems, and cultural dynamics via languages of form and geometry. Throughout the show there are overtones referencing the current political climate.


Moon, Rabbit, Mountain

Jingdezhen Ceramics Institute Residency

While an artist in residence at JCI I utilized the rich resources Jingdezhen has to offer. As the 'porcelain capitol' of China, it is rich in resources! This work includes explorations in mold making, building on factory-produced tiles, and material experimentation with the unique capabilities of Chinese porcelain as a sculptural material. 

The Softest Thing in the World

Subtle Surrender

I was invited to be a visiting artist at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing for the Spring semester of 2019. During this time I traveled with a group of students to Jingdezhen and worked in a studio in the Sculpture Factory there to make this body of work for a solo show at Taoxichuan International Art Avenue. The work explores themes of nature, the body, desire, and medidation. 

Alchemy Dish

Ecstatic Static

This solo exhibition held at the Belfry, a desanctified Catholic Church in Hornell, NY looks at how our human inventions such as technology can be vehicles to understand nature and to trace the threads of the sacred. The language of pixilation, material 'static', and metallic touches bring the material and bodily qualities of the sculpture into the context of a digital age.


The Garden

The Regular Unnamables (MFA Thesis)

My MFA thesis exhibition from Alfred University's Turner Gallery. The work is a culmination of my research and studio practice during graduate school. Themes of symmetry, gardens, and the use of micro v macro to address the question of perspective permeates the work.



Other Grad School Work

This page is an overview of some of the projects leading up to my thesis work. 

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